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Competitive Programs

Clarke Dance Productions offer three distinct award winning competitive programs, Micro-Mini, Part-Time Competitive and Full-Time Elite Competitive. All of our competitive classes feature our highly sought after and experienced faculty and choreographers. We focus on developing exceptionally technical dancers all while continuing to emphasize the importance of teamwork, positivity, striving for your personal best, and developing a strong sense of artistry. If you are looking to take your dancing to the next level, Clarke Dance Productions is the place for you. Private assessments can be booked at anytime to be admitted to our team.


Micro & Mini

Our Micro and Mini teams are our youngest teams and features first time/second time competitive dancers ages 5-6 and 7-8! No competitive experience is necessary for this program but an audition/assessment to be accepted is required.


2 Days of classes/week

3 competitions

2 competitive dances


Our Part-Time competitive program is for dancers 8+ that wish to partake in the competitive experience but aren't ready or wanting to commit to our full-time elite programming. This program features less commitment in terms of training hours and competitive routines. Our part-time program dancers work with our award winning choreographers and faculty members and are able to take on extra dances such as solos, duets, trios!

Commitment Requirements:

2-3 days of classes/week

4 competitions

minimum of 2-3 competitive routines


Full-Time Elite

This program is for elite level dancers looking to commit to a more intensive program. We offer our full-time Elite program to ages 8+. The main thing that sets our Elite competitive team apart is that all of our technique and choreography classes are separated to ensure continued technical development ALL season! In addition our Elite team members train in ALL styles and this allows are comp dancers to be well rounded, exceptional performers. Our Elite team members take classes and choreography with our award winning team of faculty and choreographers. If you are looking to take your training to the next level the Elite team is for you!

Commitment Overview:

4-5 days of classes and choreo/week

5 competitions

minimum 5 group routines

Acceptance to our competitive programs is done by assessment. Please contact us to set up a meeting!

Why Join The CDP Team?

Small Teams

Teams range in size from 4-12 dancers for more Individual attention and training! Small teams allow us to make sure every member is getting amazing training!


Positive Vibes

Opportunities for team building throughout the year. We foster a positive dance experience! We root for everyone on our teams to succeed and find their personal best!


Great Training

Our faculty is NEXT LEVEL and we will work with all dancers to reach their potential when it comes to their technical and artistic development! We want to see ALL of our dancers succeed.

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