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Baby Boppers

14 months to 23 months

This class is a dancer and caregiver class! Our Baby Boppers will move, groove and explore alongside their caregivers. This is the perfect introduction to dance, movement and music for your little one. Our carefully crafted curriculum allows them to develop their imagination, motor patterns, and social skills all while having the comfort of their caregiver with them. We integrate imaginative play with music and movement explorations to introduce your child to the amazing world of dance! This program is offered in shorter sessions and offers an easy transition into the Tiny Tots programming for dancers turning 2!

Caregiver Class

This class is designed for toddlers and their caregiver to dance together! You are going to build lasting memories with your child as they learn to explore and LOVE dance!

Qualified Staff

All of our Bright Moves pre-school programming is taught by our qualified, adult faculty members with extensive training and education in dance, child and creative development.


Young dancers will learn socialization skills in their classes by interacting with their peers, taking turns, and listening and watching for social cues! This is an important set of milestones for any young toddler.

6/8 Week Sessions

Baby Boppers classes are a 6 or 8-week program! The perfect length to get your child interested, comfortable and learning. It provides the opportunity to try out dance with minimal commitment.


We have designed this special program to provide highly engaging dance classes with an emphasis on motor development, socialization, imaginative play and an intro to dance!

Easy Transition

When our Baby Boppers are age 2+ they will be able to easily transition to our Tiny Tots Pre-School programming! Baby Bopper classes will set them up for success in their dance journey.

Check Back For 2024/2025

2024/2025 Class Offerings

Why Not Register With Your other Parent Friends And Make It a Social Event?

Our specialized toddler programming takes the stress out of "play dates"! We will provide quality programming at reasonable prices for your children to learn, explore, dance, and socialize with their peers! We offer Baby Bopper classes in the daytime as well as weekend options!

  • How many dancers are in your Bright Moves pre-school classes?
    We cap all of our Bright Moves pre-school classes at 12 dancers to ensure appropriate teacher to student ratios for the best learning experience and one-on-one attention!
  • How do I register?
    You can register for our Bright Moves classes by clicking on the "register now!" button on any of the Bright Moves program pages.
  • How much does a class cost?
    It depends on the program. Reach out to us through the "contact us" page to find out program/class specific pricing details and information!
  • Do the Bright Moves classes participate in recital?
    Yes! The Bright Moves classes in the Tiny Tots & Bright Stars programs participate in our year end recital! 12 week sessions do not participate in recital.
  • Is there a costume associated with this program?
    If you are registered in the Tiny Tots or Bright Stars programs, your dancer will pariticpate in the year end recital and wear a costume on stage (additional costume fee does apply!). If you are registered in the Baby Boppers program there is no costume or performance associated with this 12 week session class.
  • How are fee payments structured?
    We collect fees on a bi-monthly basis. For more information on fees please get in touch with us to be sent our comprehensive info package!
  • Can I come with my dancer into class?
    Our Baby Bopper classes are designed to be taken with a caregiver for age 18-23 months. Moving into our Tiny Tots and Bright Stars classes we have structured and designed these classes to be dancer only! Our staff have so many amazing tips and tricks to get students feeling comfortable and excited to head into class without their parent. While sometimes it can take a few weeks to get comfortable, before you know it your dancer will be confidently entering class with their peers! We also feature CCTV so we can live stream our dance classes to the TV in our lobby. This way you can see all the wonderful and exciting things your young dancer is learning in class.
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