Baby Boppers

18-23 months

This class is a dancer and caregiver class! Our Baby Boppers will move, groove and explore alongside their caregivers. This is the perfect introduction to dance, movement and music for your little one. Our carefully crafted curriculum allows them to develop their imagination, motor patterns, and social skills all while having the comfort of their caregiver with them. We integrate imaginative play with music and movement explorations to introduce your child to the amazing world of dance! This program is offered in 12 week sessions and offers an easy transition into the Tiny Tots programming for dancers turning 2!

Caregiver Class

This class is designed for toddlers and their caregiver to dance together! You are going to build lasting memories with your child as they learn to explore and LOVE dance!

Qualified Staff

All of our Bright Moves pre-school programming is taught by our qualified, adult faculty members with extensive training and education in dance, child and creative development.


Young dancers will learn socialization skills in their classes by interacting with their peers, taking turns, and listening and watching for social cues! This is an important set of milestones for any young toddler.

12 Week Sessions

Baby Boppers classes are a 12-week program! The perfect length to get your child interested, comfortable and learning. It provides the opportunity to try out dance with minimal commitment.


We have designed this special program to provide highly engaging dance classes with an emphasis on motor development, socialization, imaginative play and an intro to dance!

Easy Transition

When our Baby Boppers are age 2+ they will be able to easily transition to our Tiny Tots Pre-School programming! Baby Bopper classes will set them up for success in their dance journey.


9:00 - 9:30 am

January 8th - February 26th

Winter 8 Week Session

2021/2022 Class Offerings

Why Not Register With Your other Parent Friends And Make It a Social Event?

Our specialized toddler programming takes the stress out of "play dates"! We will provide quality programming at reasonable prices for your children to learn, explore, dance, and socialize with their peers! We offer Baby Bopper classes in the daytime as well as weekend options!

Frequently asked questions

What are the prices for the Baby Boppers class?

Please contact us through our contact page and we will send a detailed program package outlining the fees for our Baby Boppers 12 week programs!

What if my child is scared to participate?

Our staff are experts at getting little ones to feel safe, secure and willing to engage and participate in classes! Sometimes it takes a few weeks for dancers to warm up to the programming and that's okay! They are still learning SO MUCH by observing and absorbing the class environment. This is also why our Baby Boppers programming is designed as a toddler and caregiver class, so they know their parent is right there with them. If they see you participating and having fun, they are going to want to join in soon too!

Can I take photos of my child during class?

Absolutely! While we encourage you to participate as much as you can and follow along with the lesson alongside your little one, we also know that this is all about making awesome memories! Feel free to take photos of your child at appropriate times. We ask that you be mindful about making sure just your child is in the photos.

Can I join the Tiny Tots program mid-year after my child turns 2 and we have have participated in the Baby Boppers program?

Absolutely. Two year olds that have participated in our Baby Boppers class are welcome to transition easily into our Tiny Tots programming if there is space available and provided it is before February of our season!

Does the Baby Boppers program participate in recital?

Our Baby Boppers class is offered in 12 week sessions and participants do not participate in our recital!